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Norfolk International Airport

Norfolk International Airport is southeastern Virginia's dominant airport serving the Greater Hampton Roads area and northeastern North Carolina. Offering nearly 200 arrivals and departures daily to major cities throughout the United States, Norfolk International presently ranks in the country's top 65 airports in terms of passengers served annually, with 3.5 million estimated for 2003.

Economic Impact

Norfolk International Airport is a significant asset to the Hampton Roads area. Airport tenants and visitors directly or secondarily touch the region with a measurable impact of more than 16,840 jobs, annual paychecks of more than $300 million and a total dollar output of over $795,300,000.

  • The Virginia Employment commission estimates that Norfolk International Airport’s market and service area is home to over 22,000 employers who provide roughly 502,000 jobs. Based on 1994 data, approximately 48,680 of those jobs are either directly or indirectly related to the availability of Norfolk International Airport.
  • Recent information (1994 survey data) provided by area businesses indicates that the availability of Norfolk International Airport for dependable, convenient air transportation and air cargo operations in some way supports approximately 35,000 non-aviation-related jobs in the market area, accounting for an estimate payroll of over $835 million. $2.1 billion in annual expenditures flow into the Hampton Roads economy via local business operations that depend on the Airport for travel or shipment.
  • Tenants of the Airport itself, including ground and air transportation services, Airport concessions, and government or management operations, provide a total of 1,521 jobs with an estimated payroll of $41.6 million. On top of that payroll, the tenants pump an additional $108.5 million into the local economy each year for goods and services.
  • Over 600,000 visitors fly into the Norfolk area via the Airport every year. Mostly, they’re free-spending leisure, business and military travelers eager to add their own contributions to the local economy. They spend about $438.7 million a year, creating over 10,000 local jobs with a payroll of over $158 million.  

Source: Norfolk International Airport