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Currituck County Ranks 5th for North Carolina Recycling

Among all 100 counties in North Carolina, Currituck County now ranks 5th for Total Public Recycling Per Capita Recovery, as detailed in the latest report by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR).

Currituck County recovered 277.92 Lbs./person during FY 2014, according to NCDENR statistics. This represents a sizeable increase from FY 2013, when Currituck County ranked 10th in the state by recovering 218.11 Lbs./person.

In the category of Common Household Recyclables, Currituck collected 249.17 Lbs./person to rank 2nd in North Carolina for FY 2014. This category measures the recycling of goods such as paper, plastic, glass and electronics. This area is also an improvement for Currituck from the previous year, as the county ranked 7th in Common Household Recyclables for FY 2013.

Thanks to increased public awareness and improved county recycling programs, Currituck County continues to climb upward in the state's recycling rankings. Recent rankings for Currituck in Total Public Recycling per capita recovery include:

• 2013 = 10th
• 2012 = 12th
• 2011 = 12th
• 2010 = 16th
• 2009 = 16th
• 2008 = 19th
• 2007 = 27th

Currituck County operates eight (8) manned Recycling Centers, which are open to the public seven (7) days per week. Along with Common Household Recyclables, each center collects additional items, such as batteries, light bulbs, cooking oil, yard waste, oyster shells, appliances and automotive materials. Curbside recycling collection is available in Corolla only.

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