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Currituck Hosts Senior Games Events

Currituck County hosted two events of the 2015 Albemarle Senior Games. The pickleball competition was held in the Parks and Recreation gymnasium on April 15, and the tennis competition was held April 16 on the courts at Currituck County High School.

Local participants from Currituck County were joined by athletes from surrounding counties during the events. For more information on the Senior Games, and all other activities for senior citizens, contact the Currituck Senior Center at 232-3505.

Results of the two events are listed below; view event PHOTOS

Pickleball - Singles

(60-64) Janet Dunn-Gold; Beverly Edge-Silver
(65-69) Eldora Brooks-Gold (Perquimans Co.)
(80-84) Mary Walker-Gold (Pasquotank Co.); Lonice Schoon-Silver (Pasquotank Co.)

(60-64) David Remaley-Gold (Pasquotank Co.); Talmage Dunn-Silver
(65-69) John "Jack" Uperti-Gold
(70-74) Bill Freethy-Gold; George Rhine-Silver
(75-79) Patrick Philp-Gold
(80-84) Sidney Perry-Gold (Perquimans Co.)

Pickleball - Doubles

(55-59) Sherrie Payne & Ann Whatley-Gold
(60-64) Janet Dunn & Beverly Edge-Gold
(65-69) Charlotte Neal & Kathy Prieur
(80-84) Mary Walker & Lonice Schoon-Gold (both from Pasquotank Co.)

(60-64) Talmage Dunn & David Remaley (Pasq. Co.)-Gold; John "Jack" Uperti & Dennis McCord-Silver
(70-74) Bill Freethy & George Rhine-Gold; Patrick Philp & Barry Neal-Silver; Sidney Perry & Charles Banks-Bronze (both from Perquimans Co.)

Pickleball - Mixed Doubles

(55-59) Sherrie Payne & Dennis McCord-Gold
(60-64) David & Shirley Remaley-Gold (Pasquotank Co.); Talmage & Janet Dunn-Silver; Bill Freethy & Beverly Edge-Bronze
(65-69) Barry & Charlotte Neal-Gold; John "Jack" Uperti & Kathy Prieur-Silver
(70-74) George Rhine & Ann Whatley-Gold

Tennis - Men's Singles

(50-54) Mark Noneman-Gold (Chowan Co.)
(65-69) Peter Goecke-Gold (Perquimans Co.)
(70-74) Elton Winslow-Gold (Gates Co.); Bill Freethy-Silver
(75-79) Peter Lolkema-Gold (Chowan Co.)