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Trillium Health Resources kiosk opens at Barco Library 

Currituck County citizens have a new resource available that will allow them free online access to self-administered behavioral health screenings, educational information, and referral information for local health care providers.

Trillium Health Resources has partnered with Currituck County to place a community kiosk at the Barco branch of the Currituck Public Library. The kiosk was dedicated during a ceremony on Dec. 15, 2016 that included Currituck County Commissioners Bobby Hanig, Paul Beaumont, Mike Hall, and Mike Payment. Also attending were Laura Salmons, Currituck County Librarian, Bobbie Lowe, Project Development Coordinator at Trillium, and other officials. 

The kiosk is a sit-down booth with an online computer touch-screen. It is ADA compliant for citizens in wheelchairs or walkers and the touch-screen features a privacy filter in order to keep all confidential information private for the user.

The Access Point Screening Program provides questions and information for a variety of topics, including depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol use, and substance abuse. After a user answers a series of questions, the screenings provide immediate feedback to the user regarding how they scored and provides referral information to health care providers. There is also an education section the user can explore to learn additional information.

Another feature of the kiosk is a direct telephone connection to call-takers at the Trillium Call Center, so users can speak directly to a trained agent. 

The information and health screenings provided on the kiosk can be accessed online at so users can also take the screenings in the privacy of their own home or on a mobile tablet if they don't have time while they are at the library.

Additionally, users can link to the Access Point program at the Trillium Health Resources website,  

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