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October is Fire Prevention Awareness Month

October is recognized as National Fire Prevention Awareness Month, and is highlighted by Fire Prevention Week during October 5 - 11, 2014. This is a time to learn important safety factors that significantly decrease the chances of fire damage to your property, such as checking for proper smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

This month is also a great time to express your appreciation to the members of Currituck County's volunteer fire departments for their service to our community. Take a few minutes to visit your local fire station, learn more about what they do and say "Thank you!"

Along with protecting lives and property, did you know that having a volunteer firefighter system saves citizens up to 34% on annual property taxes? That's because having a countywide, paid fire department would cost an estimated $12 - $15 million annually, funded by taxpayer dollars.

See how you can get involved!

While visiting a volunteer fire department, learn of the many ways in which volunteers are utilized. There are a variety of tasks that need doing, and not all of them involve being on the front line at the scene of a fire.

Remember, there's something to do for everyone and each fire station would benefit from having additional volunteers. So get involved in helping your community!