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Future Phase I

Future Phase I Projects Identified In The Airport Layout Plan Update

Construct taxiways - It is highly desirable to separate aircraft taxiing movements from aircraft landing and takeoff movements to insure safe and efficient movement of aircraft. A 5500' long x 35' wide parallel taxiway is planned for construction 300' east of the runway centerline. Entrance and bypass taxiways will also be constructed to connect the parallel taxiway to the runway at each end. The existing taxiway between the runway and apron is to be widened from 30' to 35' to meet FAA design standards.

Installation of taxiway lights - To further improve safety new taxiway edge lights will be installed along existing and new taxiway edges. The light location and configuration will be similar to the runway edge lights; however, taxiway edge lights will emit blue light.

Clear approach obstructions and establish non-precision instrument approach - Upon installation of the localizer antenna and clearance of the approach surfaces, the airport will establish non-precision instrument approach procedures for Runway 5 with visibility minimums not less than ¾ mile.

Expand aircraft apron - The existing aircraft apron is undersized for larger general aviation aircraft and for peak weekend and seasonal use. Based on a detailed analysis of forecast demand, the recommendations in the Airport Layout Plan call for increasing the available apron area in the Phase I planning period.

Construct hangars and hangar taxiways - There is a waiting list for hangar space at the airport. The airport proposes to add additional hangar space based on the market demand during the 5-year planning period. Taxi lanes to the hangars will be constructed as needed.

Construct auto parking areas and access road - Currently, auto parking is scattered around the aircraft apron in grassy areas. The airport has a paved parking lot with approximately 20 spaces adjacent to the proposed terminal and plans to construct an additional 15-20 spaces near the new hangar buildings. A planned access road will be provided to the new parking areas and hangar buildings.

Install perimeter security fence - Approximately 24,000 linear feet of security fence is to be installed around the perimeter of the airport to prevent incursions onto the airfield.


Except for hangars, up to ninety-five percent of the cost of the projects are eligible for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) block grants administered by the N.C. Division of Aviation. The remaining project costs will have to be provided by Currituck County. FAA block grant funds are derived from the Airport Improvement Program, which is funded by a tax on airline tickets.