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Rules and Regulations


These rules and regulations govern the provision of wastewater service within Moyock Commons Sewer District. The District boundaries are established by the Currituck County Board of Commissioners and may be amended from time to time, and initially include the Moyock Commons subdivision, Currituck Commercial Center subdivision, and Romm Business Center.

As water service will be provided by the Currituck County Water Department per its regulations, issues pertaining to payment of bills, existing water department policies are hereby adopted in terms of payment, grace period, reaction to non-payment and other applicable policies pertaining to billing and payment of bills. In order to prevent a health concern due to non-payment of sewer charges, non-payment of sewer charges shall result in termination of water service.

Any customer requesting service must submit to the Manager for Moyock Commons Sewer District an application for service. The application shall outline the nature of business planned; in this application the applicant will detail specifically any processes involved, any and all chemicals required, and in the case of food preparation-oriented businesses, the use of in-sink solids disposal and grease traps. The Manager will review the application and inform the applicant of required pre-treatment measures. These measures will be incorporated in the building or site plans and provision of pre-treatment in accordance with the Manager’s requirements shall be required prior to occupancy of the business. This procedure will be used for new development and for any change of use of existing development.

A sewer connection will be provided to the property line for each parcel of land within the District. The connection will terminate with a cleanout and plug. Each customer is responsible for running a sewer service line from its building to the connection provided. The Sewer District Manager shall be notified at least 48 hours before customer is ready to make the connection; connection shall be made only under supervision of the Manager or its designee. The Sewer District will locate the connection point for the customer.

Ongoing maintenance and operation of any pre-treatment systems will be required by the District and will be the responsibility of each individual business. Representatives of the Moyock Commons Sewer District or Currituck County will be allowed access to pre-treatment devices at any reasonable time and all hours of business to inspect pre-treatment facilities. Lack of proper operations and maintenance of pre-treatment facilities may result in but not be limited to discontinuation of service. At the Manager’s option, the Sewer District may contract repairs, correction or replacement of pre-treatment equipment and collect the resultant costs incurred from the business owner. In case of non-payment for corrective actions required, District may file liens against the property for the purpose of recovering its expenditures.